Expertise and collaboration

NTS CombiMetaal continuously builds upon its history of more than seventy years. The collective expertise of our people is immense, including knowledge of materials and experience in metalworking, construction and manufacturing processes. This professionalism, in combination with our modern machinery and cleanroom facilities, is crucial in the engineering and production of high-precision frames. But their passion and ambition when it comes to maximizing the benefits together with colleagues and clients is what really makes the difference.


A manufacturing process sets its own requirements for producing a precision frame that falls within the requested tolerances. Whether it involves a prototype, a single piece or a small series - a practical application of customer requirements is generally necessary. The responsibility for that lies with our engineers. During this value engineering process, they serve as the link between the client and the expertise of our professionals.

Laser cutting and bending

Producing and processing complex and precise steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal requires craftsmanship. It demands knowledge of metal properties, methodologies and the process steps that are necessary. You also need to have the right tools at your disposal as well as in-depth knowledge of how to use them. NTS CombiMetaal has a number of high-end CO2 laser machines and press brakes, partially equipped with a tooling carousel and closing force of up to 170 tons. They can also be programmed offline in order to optimize their use.


NTS CombiMetaal works with a wide range of welding techniques for assembling sheet metal and pipes in high-quality frames made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or a combination of these materials. As a specialist in MIG/MAG, regular and orbital TIG and spot welding for the high-tech industry, guaranteeing our competencies is paramount. That is reflected in our many welding and production certifications, such as EN-15085-2, ISO-3834-2 : 2005ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015. In relation to these competences, it is actually the combination of technology and people that determines the results. Assessing and anticipating the effects of heat generation, material thickness and welding sequence on the precision of the end product is above all a matter of craftsmanship and experience.

Vacuum technology

Vacuum technology increasingly plays a role in high-tech industry. NTS CombiMetaal produces for a diverse set of customers complete vacuum welding assemblies and vacuum modules. Think of vacuum chambers and (orbital welded) assemblies. Aspects like cleanliness, material knowledge, craftsmenship and helium leaking tests of the products are of great importace to achieve the desired quality and end product.


NTS CombiMetaal service goes a step beyond engineering and manufacturing high-quality frames and vacuum modules for high-tech machines. When clients require sub-assembly of their prototypes, single pieces or small series, we are fully able to meet their needs. Our focus is on high-precision mechanical and mechatronic assemblies, such as frames with hinges, door parts, gaskets and pneumatics. In addition, we have a modern and well-equipped class 10,000 / ISO 7 cleanroom spanning two hundred square meters. We work closely together with our assembly engineers at NTS Mechatronics on the NTS Campus.


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