Secondary and higher education students

At NTS CombiMetaal, we like to share our enthusiasm for working in technology and metal with secondary and higher education students. In addition, we also collaborate with a number of educational institutions in secondary and further education, such as Were Di Schools in Valkenswaard and the Brainport Industries College.  You can also find us at tech events such as Dutch Technology Week, and we have close ties with regional organizations that can lead to technical internships and work-study programs.

Internships and BBL

Curious about what it's like to work in a contemporary metal company? Then you've come to the right place at NTS CombiMetaal. Interested in an internship or in a shadowing oportunity so you can get to know more about our organization, people, machines and products? Or are you considering starting a BBL training course in welding, metal or assembly? Looking for challenging and varied work where you can do what you enjoy and develop your talent within a team of experienced people? Then have a chat with us if you see us at a vocational day or technology event, or ask about NTS CombiMetaal at your school, or just give us a call.