The strength of NTS CombiMetaal is primarily in our employees. Our engineers, welders, sheet metal workers and assemblers are experts. The frames they design and build are often extremely complex. You can read a few brief stories about our colleagues below.

Janine Wijers, welder at NTS CombiMetaal

One thing was clear to Janine when she began searching for a new challenge. She wanted to work in technology while also learning and earning money at the same time. She considered a CNC course, but ultimately opted for a future as a welder.

‘You don’t learn what I am learning here at school’

‘I just really enjoy working with my hands,’ said Janine. ‘To me, welding, especially TIG welding, seemed like sophisticated work. I started with a BBL training as an All-round Construction Officer and was able to go directly to NTS CombiMetaal three days a week. That turned out to be a great choice. I think it is all fascinating: the products we work on, our use of raw materials, the steps from plate to construction, the machines and the variety of welding techniques that we use here. But for me the team is the most important factor. I am so well taken care of here and the atmosphere is great. Many of my colleagues have been working here for more than ten years. You can't learn what I am learning from them at school.’

Peter has been working at NTS CombiMetaal for 37 years. During that time he has become proficient in virtually all the disciplines the company practices. He is currently the production coordinator of the steel department. In addition, he helps support work-study employees as a practical supervisor.

 ‘Constantly doing the same thing is not for me’

‘I am proud of what we are all doing here,’ said Peter. ‘I also think it's a shame there is still this outdated image of what working in metal is about - the blue overalls, dirty hands and low salary. It is completely different at NTS CombiMetaal. Come and have a look at our campus. This is a modern company with great facilities. The work environment is dynamic and challenging because we focus on complex products in very small quantities. To achieve this, craftsmanship is required above all else, like with the sheet metal construction fitters in my department. We invest heavily in developing the skills of our people and the latest technologies. That’s also what makes my job so enjoyable. Constantly doing the same thing is not for me. And if that is also not what you want, then you will get plenty of opportunity here to deepen and further your skills.’

Peter van de Putte, production coördinator at NTS CombiMetaal

Peter Nijsen, bender at NTS CombiMetaal

It would not be a good idea to ask Peter Nijsen to make the same product more than five times. That would make him very unhappy. As a canter, that means that he is in exactly the right place at NTS CombiMetaal. This is obvious from the passionate way he talks about his profession and products even after 25 years.

‘Our people determine our level of success’

‘We work from drawings here. They are often delivered in 3D directly on the machine displays. But there is never a cookie cutter approach here at NTS CombiMetaal. We are not a fully automated mass producer. Our people determine our level of success. As a canter, you make extremely complex components that are canted eight to twelve times. When you know that the product you are making only has a margin of error of three tenths of a millimeter at most, then you have to know what you are doing from the very first step. This requires a number of skills such as knowledge of the materials and tools, imagination, creativity and a great deal of concentration. It also requires experience. So it takes some time before you can master this profession at the highest level. But I don't know of any greater profession to be in. I am happy to help young people to continue furthering their skills.’