Great products

At NTS CombiMetaal, you can be proud of what you do. We work for the top names in the international high-tech industry. Our customers develop and build state-of-the-art machines for the production of parts for great products such as smartphones, medical scanners, self-driving cars and electron microscopes. Without our high-quality precision frames, those machines would not be able to do what they are intended to do. That means we are contributing to making the world a little bit nicer, healthier, safer and more sustainable.

Nice and challenging

The strength of NTS CombiMetaal lies primarily in our employees. Our engineers, welders, sheet metal workers and assembly engineers are experts. The frames they design and build are often extremely complex. This not only makes the work enjoyable, but also a constant challenge. That is why we at NTS CombiMetaal believe that it is important for you to continue furthering your professional development. We provide you with the support you need in a variety of ways.



Inspiring and dynamic

NTS CombiMetaal is located in a modern building at the NTS Campus in Eindhoven. You will work in an inspiring and dynamic environment, utilizing state of the art machinery and the latest technologies. We offer you every opportunity to deepen and broaden your professional knowledge and to expand your personal skills. You will have the opportunity to follow additional training programs and work in various departments within our company. We would also like to see you take initiative, making your voice heard within our teams and considering the best solutions for our clients.